The Spell of Being

The Spell of Being

I am without time.

I am all times.

I am a speck of dust

I am a mountain of stone.

I am without form.

I am all forms.

I am the last Spark of Hope

I am the Inferno of Creation

I am the unseen Past.

I am the unknown Future.

I am the soft sigh of Death

I am the gale of Chaos

I am without Life

I am without Death

I am a silent Tear

I am an unbroken Wave

I am Spirit without form

And I am Form in Spirit

I am not

I am.



Bans Demon

Blackly grows the mood,

Gathering and swirling

Like clouds upon the horizon


Errant strikes of pain

Flash in reddened eyes

Hackles raised in lust


Anger rumbles harshly

Thundering recklessly

Teeth bared and gleaming


Like swirls of rain

Sorrow pools in pain

Gathering reprisal


Muddied streaks of thought

Unclear and venomous

Streak across my eyes


Uncaring words, scathing

From lips and fingers

Seeking only oblivion


Pain builds in anger

Retribution burns

Rampant and seething


Searching, longing

Looking for victim

For hellish glee


Taste the darkness

Acidic and deadly

Seeking union in


Touch through agony

Of scars and burdens

From yesterday


Banfiadh copywrite 2007

What is my name?

What is my Name

I am the Lion, who rules the plains.

I am the Trees who drink of the rain

I am the Hunter, who loves the chase

I am the Living, What is my name?

I am The Bear, who hides in the glen

I am the Hawk who rides the winds

I am the Grass, strong in my bending

I am the Lover, capricious at whim

I am the Scorned, what is my name?

I am The Fox, safe in its den

I am the Wolf, who laughs at the rain

I am the Leaf, floating free on the wind

I am the Warrior, who revels in blood

I am the Blade, what is my name?

I am The Raven, who lives off the dead

I am the Ox, strong and stubborn

I am the Flower, that follows the sun

I am the Father that raises my kin

I am the Present, what is my name?

I am The Lizard, loafing in the sun

I am that which is, and is not

I am the shadow, dancing in the light

I am the light which pierces the dark

I am the essence, what is my Name?

I am the Life, That was thrown away

I am all that which has accepted

I am the accepted, who is loved

I am the love, that stings without pain

I am the pain, who lives through the night

I am the night, that awakens with Joy

I am the Instinct, Wild and Free

I am the Lust that awakens in thee

I am the Beast, that must run free

I am the Rage, What is my name?

I am that which fights for life

I am the Arrow, that pierces the Heart

I am the Stone, that stands in the stream

I am the Tear, that silently gleams

I am the Laughter, you hear in your heart

I am the King, whom the Gods help