The Spell of Being

The Spell of Being

I am without time.

I am all times.

I am a speck of dust

I am a mountain of stone.

I am without form.

I am all forms.

I am the last Spark of Hope

I am the Inferno of Creation

I am the unseen Past.

I am the unknown Future.

I am the soft sigh of Death

I am the gale of Chaos

I am without Life

I am without Death

I am a silent Tear

I am an unbroken Wave

I am Spirit without form

And I am Form in Spirit

I am not

I am.



Art and poetry.

I have always been an artist.

I accepted that reality of my self several years ago.

Much of my anger, rage at the world was due to the repression of that facet of myself.

My poetry developed as I worked through baggage, sorting, cleaning, eliminating and feeling old angers and scars.

Writing became a way to express what I could not facilitate with words.

Writing, poetry, speaking truly IS Art.

And so is seeking undersanding of itself.

I have gone through a repression of sorts, not willingly, but out of perceived neccesity. As I post, or repost things that I have written, I re-awaken that link with the soul behind the eyes.

To remind and re-energize that facet of my art, which more than anything grants little glimpses into the mind and thoughts of this individual as an Artist, A human being and as a man.

As I read, re-read each piece choosing for no real reason which piece I post, I draw that link closer, pry open that creativity of inspiration and insight.

I hope you enjoy them and understand them as well.

Some are playful, some angry, some despairing of hope while others soar aloft on the wildest dreams one can imagine.

That is what they are for . . to express feeling when words are bound to tightly.

I seek now, to more fully explore my artwork. a goal I have been striving for, among others for a number of years now. Poetry, along with more tangible and less fleeting media . . . as an artist, I have many tools of expression. Hopefully, they will have an impact, and create openings withing people of understanding.