We’ll split your bones

And steal your breath

Well strip your skin

And pierce your breast

Well clean your skull

Of Brains and Flesh

To feed the worms

What scraps are left


Your nothing more

Than a shell of meat

With soul bound up

By foolish ties

Well ignore your

Suffering cries

And hush your mouth

With your own Lies


Well pull the sinews

From out of your spine

For new strings for

Reapers harp divine

Well lace your fingers

With wires fine

And string you up

On puppets lines


Well roast you slowly

Warm and well

While your blood drips

Like tolling bell

Well take you down

Unto the hell

Viewing in parallel

World you have wrought


Well dance upon

Your sunken grave

Kill the horror’s

That you’ve made

Condemn your souls

To ever shade

Sacrifice the god

You’ve made


You’ve betrayed the world

One we must all share

Was it just idleness

Or do you even care

There is nothing left of you

Nothing left that hearts can do

Your nothing more than poison spew

Unleashed upon the earth


Spill your blood

Refresh the mud

That you’ve parched

With leaden fear

Sacrifice your life

To renew earths tears

Burn your vile waste

On raging fiery bier


Your heresy of hatred

In denial of human hope

Earned your death of hatred

Of lives you held contempt

Taken hold of sacred trust

Abused across the years

Repenting of humanity

In return for all their tears





Cerulean skies spread wide

Bespeaking a mysterious land

Speckled clouds of indigo

Drift just beyond my touch

As if by resonance unseen

Fine veils flutter in the wind


Grey pools, bestirred by echoes

Unheard in stirring silent depth

Silvered forms languidly drift

Silent beneath the surface

Dark spires pierce the calm

Tracing paths of thought


Emerald fields lie sparkling

Soft among earthen flesh

Wrought like fine lashes

Tendrils dance to life’s breathe

As fields of white bound

The warm security of life


Pale suns glimmer idly

Watching in repose

My gaze bemused, drawn in

Searching depths unseen

I watch myself watching

Through varicolored prisms






Silence cascading through the ripples of cold crisp air.

Shattered by the strident sounds of feathered trumpeters

Breaking glass tinkling through the stones of fragile brook

As palaces of ice glitter in prismatic glory of light

Amber spears rise, crowning earthen temples in time

Furious hush sweeps across meadows lush and full

Bearing the weight of a thousand yesterdays

Soft sounds stirring as day fills the voids of silence


Interlude . . .

An excerpt from life.

Since I started this site, it has been an on again off again experience.

Until recently I lived in a situation which often hindered my creativity or desire to express in line, color or in word.

Often when I couldn’t craft and create, I could vent or rant, which is why I opened Ravensong – because I hesitated to hybridize the artist, with the cynic.

With a change in living situation, income source and finally, the “downtime” from the rat race my nature desires as an artist and the creature I am, my mind has started scribbling again, doodling across the vast empty canvass of my inner sight.

And thus here we are. Fresh new poetry, new art turning over in my mind and much to my delight, rummaging through my files bits and pieces that I have dusted off to share here.

Winter is often my best time as a working person to craft. It’s rather difficult to play outside when all you see is dark, and more dark. But it is fertile rich soil for the creative child, so off on my artistic tricycle I roam, to see what I can see.

Rain Menagerie

Rain Menagerie

I’ve ridden the winds that bring the rains

Flowed down creeks to the lakes that drain

And trickled to seas of the never tamed


A sparkling gleam of the dew in the morn

A colorful sky that a storm sends to warn

Drifting gusts that wind thru branch and thorn


I’ve raced with the hunter to call of the chase

Dodged the dogs of war in frantic life’s race

Hunter and Hunted, two sides of my face


Rabbits and Ferrets and quiet Moles too

The Moose, the Bull and a Fish swum true

Gazelle and Elk all a part of nature’s stew


The Buffalo dance, and Antelope bounds

The Thrush in the woods, Quail at ground

Hesitant Fawn waiting for comforting sound


The great friend Whale swims in jeweled seas

Not ever troubled by his brother, the Flea

Chipmunk and Squirrel, laugh safe in their tree


Sister Eagle soars through shimmering skies

Cousin Hawk dives swift, death on the fly

Even Vulture takes part in hiding life’s lies


The Coyote grins with an animate snicker

Fox eludes hunter with a brush tailed flicker

Small friend Weasel is ever so quicker


Hyenas, Leopards, Jaguars and Dingoes too

Tigers and Bears and Koalas and Roo’s

All creatures of life if your seeing runs true


The Wolf in his forest, the Lion his plain

The Stag in his meadow and Man with his brain

All brought together through life giving rain







Within her arms I walk alone

Seeking for her always

Long trail of desolation


Facing ever outward

Adrift with only hope

She lies behind the veil


Glimpses of her come

Like stars in diversity

Within the waking dream


Touches of chance

Reflect upon one

In many unseen ways


Here she lies

There she walks

Shades of memory


Upon each face

I see her touch

Never wholly


Reflections of her

A scent, a taste

Touching hearts


She behind me

Yet beside me

Forever just beyond?


Long the separation

Lady, take my hand

Leave me not alone



Last Days of The Summer King

Last Days of the Summer King


The sun of his youth has faded

As he sits in silent contemplation

Skin wove with scars and tales

With the soft polish of weathered wood


Frost tumbles through his beard

Grown long beneath considered gaze

Eyes aglow as memories march

In quiet pageant of contemplation


Antlers worn white, rest upon his head

Rich entwined with cold kissed vines

A fading splendor that adorns his brow

Caressed with words of countless lives


The sounds of glee and laughter fade

As the skirl of music lies about him

And life around him dancing

In a furious array


His hands recall the memory of

The bright spring Maiden fair

His nose the scents that linger

Of the fiery Mother’s hair


And through the seasons turnings

As the year flew fast away

He smiles of his love the Crone

As they whiled away their days


From the rebirth in the Winter’s night

The laughter of Spring’s warming light

Through the fiery dance of Summer’s height

Unto the harvest of Autumn’s flight


He smiled as he recalled the days.


Snow settles soft about him

Tossed on the Winter’s wind

Grayness courts and calls him

As he turns his thoughts within


In shadowed time the way grows bright

He sees Her there within

Into her arms he gladly steps

While this tale begins again


The revelers turn towards him

With wry merriments chagrin

The words of blessing falter

As they wonder where he went . . .



The Winter King’s Land.

Awakened night in harvest future

Silvered streams across embrasure

Through the portal, a chance’s glance

The Faeries dream before me danced


Awake! My Lady to share the view

Wish to share this vision true

Across the meadow glowing holy

Light plays softly dancing slowly


Fields of glowing pristine white

Spread before our entranced sight

Cast upon the gleaming land

Castles spires, tall and grand


Silent Knights ride tall and bold

Fey Ladies waltz is grandly told

Palace glistens in crystalline repose

Torrents locked in glassine throes


Silvered wonder in mountain home

White and green where hunter roams

Breathless clarity in shimmering air

Ramparts splendor from yesteryear


Cedars mighty in cloaks of white

Satin glory of cast moonlight

Tumbling down the stony bed

Quartzite dreams playfully led


Marbled fields carved in light

More than just a fancies flight

Observer’s eye to fantasy

The Winter Kings reality




I keep the world without

As I keep my thoughts within.

Keep the lies at bay

To protect the truth again.


I look out from these eyes

In their varied hues

To protect the being

Within this iron skin.


Can I whisper secrets

Should I tell you true?

When I show you wonder

Veiled within the view?


Where resides the thunder

That rides beside the rain

Often over yonder, there

Beyond what’s never been.


Soft upon the windrow

Lay low beneath the heath

Warm within the cold stone

Wrapped in this iron skin.


Words that seek to shatter

Weft teased from ancient skein

Wove within with starlight

Words weaving once again.


Wrought from thoughts of aether

Forged from dreaming true

Threads of fine spun silver

Formed deft in fires view


Dance across the meadows

Of creations mind

Music soft and subtle

Gift from the heart, divine.


Hammer out the words at play

Spun from moonlight, soft as day

From the shadows cold and gray

Words upon a canvass lay


Teased and tangled on the wind

Cast upon my lips again

From the shadows deep within

Beneath this iron skin.










Beautiful Raven



My Beautiful Raven touches me

with wings of silk soft elegance.

Tattered spirit and companion soul,

heart from beyond the tragic fence.

Through misted time our spirits

danced calling in resonant harmony.

Like the soft and delicate fluttering

of a butterfly upon flower petal.

Soft the touch and soft the steps she

has made beyond the wall of rage.

Silvered moon beams play lazily where

once the fires of anger reigned.

To touch is to smile is to laugh even

through the cage of imprisoning distance.

I’ve hid from thee – pushed away from thee

and turned from loss to once again find thee.

Do I touch thee do I take thee with all care

take you in my arms and hold thee fairly?

What we long for what we hold dear

does it step close to us through veil sheer?

Can we reach beyond the veils

to stretch across the miles?

Will soul and spirit survive the

touch beyond the Ethereal?

My Beautiful Raven touches me

and makes my spirit sing


soul drops . . . scraping soft against the marrow of my being.

like licking sunshine off the surface of the moon . . .

A thousand times

Tears shed for you.

Heart surrenders

Each thought of you

Sleepless in the stars

For wanting you

To touch you

In your soul

Hope for tomorrow

That will never be

Memory of the past

Is all I feel

Too many turns of life

Sitting soundless

In idle musing

Silently cherished

Dreams of you

Pierce my soul

Each word sings

A soft reflection

Of sorrow shattered

Upon a mirror


Beneath the moon.




White paper is the canvas

The brush an old worn pen

Words provide the pigment

To release what lies within


Feelings dug from memories

To color subjects true

Even though that subject

Is hidden from your view


Each subtle twist of rhyme

From the mild to the terse

Touches on life around

From the best to worst


Idle does the pen lay

As each word I view

Crafting every nuance

To tell the secret new


So here lies simple story

Written flowing as it seems

When the worst a man feels

There is magic in life’s streams




Banfiadh copyright2006


Avalon Calling

Avalon Calling


Sitting low in green seas embrace lies lost Avalon

Spirits of the ancient race still welcome ancient dawn

Veiled in false mythology there lies the hallow ground

There beats her heart exquisitely- the solace of our race

Downed by sacred blasphemy in bloody holy war

Lies that turned the mother into a secondary whore

In his name they’ve led us, to do their devils chore

Lift the flames of life again burning prisons to the floor

Raise your eyes up sacred children, for lost mystery

Sacred birthright lost, confused by errant history

Turned the blade of trickery and trust into a travesty

Robes of greedy calumny invested human misery

Yet still the bell tolls loudly its calling to your soul

Cast upon the sands of time, life’s ever shifting shoal

Thrust upon the stone of fate and to the cauldrons coals

Bear the sword solemnly to see where bright-spear flew

The Lady of the Island calls across the Sea of Time

Her song strums spirit strings, rapturous entwined

Can you hear the echoing of her loving beckoning

Upon the shores of reckoning? I hear fair Avalon




Banfiadh copyright 2009




You slaughtered screaming demons

And the voices shouting no

Murdered all those screaming fears

Killing scars that never show



You destroyed a thousand nightmares

Turned to dust a thousand lies

Ravaged burning anger

Of one who’s been despised



Razed a hundred fences

Blown a thousand bastions down

Splintered all the war machines

Burned the ruins to the ground



Smote the lifelong rages

With no chance to voice a sound

Put to torch the tattered corpse

And harrowed frozen mound



Flown past a hundred lifetimes

With grim memories galore

Run them through with vengeance

Shattered bones upon the floor



In a single shining moment

One cast by gods of fate

Battered through the barriers

Tearing down the standing gates



Within a breath of touching

You’ve conquered clinging ties

Turned them all to nothing

With first look into your eyes















On a quiet summer breeze.



Torn drifting.

Upon playful currents

Warmed by pregnant sun.



Swept quietly aloft

Currents straining

To reach unknown heights

Of self imposed limitation



Painted glorious in light

Despite a map of life lived

Etched quietly upon a dying skin

That reflects slowly in turn

The light that dances through the dust.




Banfiadh copyright 06/13








Oh ye of little truthfullness

With even less of Faith

Follow on the words of wrong

Within the liar’s grace.

Still ye follow like a sheep

Into the slaughter house

Listen to a liar’s words

To keep your God without.

Hark! Listen to the slander

While claiming piety devout

But when the thunders over

The lie will turn you out.

Can you look in the mirror?

You can see the liars face

Over your shoulder, looking

To keep you in your place

Untruth is not the way of God

Or those who leave lies lay

Written in the heavens high

On your judgment day


Banfiadh copyright 11/13

Dark Flight

Dark Flight


I spread these wings across the world.

In cold and isolated splendor

The silent wind tears me softly, slowly.

Leaving me senseless.


I stand upon the edge of nothing.

Darkness at my feet.

Flight of lone silent soul, waiting.

While in the dark she calls.


Bereft of feeling, a loss of sensation.

Why doesn’t this simply fade . . .

Walls of isolation blown away like mist.

Before ever you knew I saw you.


Nothing left there to wrap self in.

Rage has paled before you.

Gone with the simplest gentle touch.

Just want to fade away.


Yet Love remains the constant

As I am standing in the rain.

Gently bathed again and over

Sheltered in the pain.




Banfiadh copyright 11/13