Ever seen the hole that’s left when a hearts ripped out?

Sometimes theres nothing left to see but pretty shells without


Do you know the answer to the rage that is in me

Do you know the words to the lock without a key


Running hard for evermore dead and tired am I now.

I’d like to lay down forever, I really don’t know how


Do you know the depth of pain with which I’ve ever lived

Do you know there is nothing left but pain for me to give


And have you ever seen the fuel that feeds the burning lot

If you ever stepped up very close you’d find it rather hot


It is usually safe inside in, kept locked up pretty tight

Till some stupid pretty back-stabs with all their might


Never were the words that could handle a closer view

Then all I do is rage and burn and I might just burn you


Little fucking people with little aches and pains

Running round the rat race track for temporary gains


So if you want a freak show just sit and watch a while

Ill gladly rip your heart out and eat it with a smile


R.W.W. Banfiadh – Wofthought2006



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