We’ll split your bones

And steal your breath

Well strip your skin

And pierce your breast

Well clean your skull

Of Brains and Flesh

To feed the worms

What scraps are left


Your nothing more

Than a shell of meat

With soul bound up

By foolish ties

Well ignore your

Suffering cries

And hush your mouth

With your own Lies


Well pull the sinews

From out of your spine

For new strings for

Reapers harp divine

Well lace your fingers

With wires fine

And string you up

On puppets lines


Well roast you slowly

Warm and well

While your blood drips

Like tolling bell

Well take you down

Unto the hell

Viewing in parallel

World you have wrought


Well dance upon

Your sunken grave

Kill the horror’s

That you’ve made

Condemn your souls

To ever shade

Sacrifice the god

You’ve made


You’ve betrayed the world

One we must all share

Was it just idleness

Or do you even care

There is nothing left of you

Nothing left that hearts can do

Your nothing more than poison spew

Unleashed upon the earth


Spill your blood

Refresh the mud

That you’ve parched

With leaden fear

Sacrifice your life

To renew earths tears

Burn your vile waste

On raging fiery bier


Your heresy of hatred

In denial of human hope

Earned your death of hatred

Of lives you held contempt

Taken hold of sacred trust

Abused across the years

Repenting of humanity

In return for all their tears



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