Last Breath

Last Breath

Take my last breathe in the darkness

And be my first when I awake

The walls that you have shattered

Thirst that you have slaked

Be my sunlight in the morning

And the starlight in my eyes

Be the first new life that grows

When all around us dies

Be my shelter from life’s battles

Take your refuge in my arms

When your heart is hurting

I’ll shelter you from harm

Kiss away the teardrops

Soothe with gentle care

Listen to your hopes and fears

Your face buried in my hair

Play with me wherever

Laughing breathless with delight

Your smile in the darkness

Will be my guiding light

Across the weave of fate is writ

Though we weave the threads

Peace and laughter on your lips

Hope grace your fingertips

Walk with me in love and hope

Through shifting sands of time

Be my music in the silence

And the reason to my rhyme

Be the wind that whispers to me

And soft patter of the rain

Rays of silver moonlight

That lie cast upon my skin

Be the roaring tempest

That warms me from within

Be my first breathe in the morning

Every time that I awake


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