I keep the world without

As I keep my thoughts within.

Keep the lies at bay

To protect the truth again.


I look out from these eyes

In their varied hues

To protect the being

Within this iron skin.


Can I whisper secrets

Should I tell you true?

When I show you wonder

Veiled within the view?


Where resides the thunder

That rides beside the rain

Often over yonder, there

Beyond what’s never been.


Soft upon the windrow

Lay low beneath the heath

Warm within the cold stone

Wrapped in this iron skin.


Words that seek to shatter

Weft teased from ancient skein

Wove within with starlight

Words weaving once again.


Wrought from thoughts of aether

Forged from dreaming true

Threads of fine spun silver

Formed deft in fires view


Dance across the meadows

Of creations mind

Music soft and subtle

Gift from the heart, divine.


Hammer out the words at play

Spun from moonlight, soft as day

From the shadows cold and gray

Words upon a canvass lay


Teased and tangled on the wind

Cast upon my lips again

From the shadows deep within

Beneath this iron skin.