Beautiful Raven



My Beautiful Raven touches me

with wings of silk soft elegance.

Tattered spirit and companion soul,

heart from beyond the tragic fence.

Through misted time our spirits

danced calling in resonant harmony.

Like the soft and delicate fluttering

of a butterfly upon flower petal.

Soft the touch and soft the steps she

has made beyond the wall of rage.

Silvered moon beams play lazily where

once the fires of anger reigned.

To touch is to smile is to laugh even

through the cage of imprisoning distance.

I’ve hid from thee – pushed away from thee

and turned from loss to once again find thee.

Do I touch thee do I take thee with all care

take you in my arms and hold thee fairly?

What we long for what we hold dear

does it step close to us through veil sheer?

Can we reach beyond the veils

to stretch across the miles?

Will soul and spirit survive the

touch beyond the Ethereal?

My Beautiful Raven touches me

and makes my spirit sing

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