You slaughtered screaming demons

And the voices shouting no

Murdered all those screaming fears

Killing scars that never show



You destroyed a thousand nightmares

Turned to dust a thousand lies

Ravaged burning anger

Of one who’s been despised



Razed a hundred fences

Blown a thousand bastions down

Splintered all the war machines

Burned the ruins to the ground



Smote the lifelong rages

With no chance to voice a sound

Put to torch the tattered corpse

And harrowed frozen mound



Flown past a hundred lifetimes

With grim memories galore

Run them through with vengeance

Shattered bones upon the floor



In a single shining moment

One cast by gods of fate

Battered through the barriers

Tearing down the standing gates



Within a breath of touching

You’ve conquered clinging ties

Turned them all to nothing

With first look into your eyes






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