Moon Circle

It is interesting at times.
To write OF this path, without revealing this path too much.
It is not so simple, so ritualized that one knows what to expect, or that you can feel and find it all in any book.
Yet some paths must be walked directly, and must be felt as well as seen. We are at best, a quiet and shy lot.
There are some of us, like myself who show ourselves. Yet even we or I, will not show you some things.
We walk a life that is a Prayer you see. Some in solitude, and some shared. Those prayers are between us, or I, and the Creator.
We do not celebrate or pray for societies approval, so without entry, you cannot see what lies within.

Moon Circle

I stand in silent solitude.
The sun sinks slow before me
I hear the sizzling sound
Fiery orb kisses the sea.
As waves rage eloquently
Ceaselessly scrambling
To cross the boundary
Of earth and air
Darkness like a velvet cloak
Days cares fade with the light
Shorn so softly away
Lying at my feet meaningless.
Crickets mark time. Rhythmic.
The waves sound beneath.
Unwritten orchestra of life.
Lost between the worlds
Susurrations of wind brush me
Crafting shudders on skin
Secrets soft spoken within.
Alive, the stars greet me.
Like old friends
Names forgotten in time.
Lost in faded fog
Like long past souls.
Soft footfalls speak
Of bare feet easing near
The circle grows.
Laughter born of life.
Silver wrought shadows
Stray sparks of moonlight
Scurry around us
Moon rising full above
Veiled in nights deep
In places hidden
We gather delighted
In simply being alive

banfiadh copyright 11/13

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