It is not something that can be given, yet can easily be taken away.

It is something that can not be forced upon another, or it becomes a form of slavery.

Freedom does not grow from handing control over your life to another. It can crumble in an idle moment of laziness.

While Freedom may be a basic ‘Human Right”, it belongs only to those responsible enough to ensure it’s longevity.

Freedom can not be defined for another person, but must be mutually respected.

A real first posting.

Greetings all.

While this is not by any means my first precense on the ephemeral internet, it may be my first attempt to write online with a focus.



Writer . . .


Am I, yeah. But life has shown me that many, perhaps most people recoil from thoughts that do not echo their own.

An experiment again.

We shall see.

Do you count yourself as a thinker, or do you enshroud yourself in the cloak of intellectualism and philosophy, seeking merely conflict and online drama to fill a void within your staid and placid existence within the herd?

We shall see.